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  • A-Z: Classical art, myths and legends – starts January 20, 2022 – via ZOOM
  • Looking at paintings – starts January 14, 2022 – via ZOOM
  • The history of Western art in 100 paintings – SOLD OUT
  • A grand day out: the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge  (Taking a break at present)
  • Introduction to the V&A – Jan 2022, not yet open for bookings
  • In depth: early Renaissance  (Taking a break at present)
  • A grand day out: Ashmolean and Christchurch Picture Gallery (Taking a break at present)
  •  In depth: late Renaissance – starts January 12, 2022 – via ZOOM
  • Art in Britain 1890-1918 – New English Art Club to WWI (Taking a break at present)
  • Art in Britain 1918-1945 – the Interwar years and WWII – starts January 17, 2022 – via ZOOM

What students have said:

“The course has really inspired me to want to learn more; it has opened my eyes to objects and pieces of art I may have just walked past before.”  VB219 student 2017

“Thank you so much for such an excellent V&A course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and really felt, at the end of the session, that I learnt a huge amount about so many aspects of what the V&A has to offer. Our group were really friendly, interested and that made for a great 11 weeks, but your knowledge of everything stood out as excellent which was so much acknowledged by us all as we chatted to each other as weeks went by. ”
VB219 – Introduction to the V&A student 2017

“Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and group leading. I have learnt so much with you that will, and has, enhanced my life. Your expertise has been a marvel.
I have enjoyed your passion/depth of knowledge/ teaching abilities and sense of fun.” VB221 – History of Art in 100 Paintings student 2016

” I can’t thank you enough for the introduction to all these mythical figures. My interest is in much more recent art – not much before 1900 – so it has been a revelation and really helped expand my horizons. ” VB462 – Classical art, myths and legends student 2018

“If you really want to get under the skin of the Renaissance in Western Europe this course is a must. Led by a highly knowledgeable and engaging tutor, the developments in both Italy and the North are set in a socio-political context; considers the lives of the artists and their patrons and also explores materials and methods. The whole package really does fulfil the aims implicit in the course title. . . ‘The Early Renaissance: In Depth'” VB464 – In depth: early Renaissance student 2019